"Recovering" Democrat Joins Republican Hopefuls to Take on Bob Menendez

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For Immediate Release                                                                                                                 January 25, 2018


“Recovering Democrat” Joins Republican Hopefuls to Take on Bob Menendez


Englewood Cliffs, NJ   Dana Wefer, a former Democrat, who made news last year when she publicly left the Democratic Party calling it “too corrupt” and then briefly entertained a gubernatorial run, has officially thrown her hat in the ring to win the Republican nomination to run for U.S. Senate this year.  Wefer is running on an anti-corruption platform focused on reforming the electoral process and government.  Wefer cut her political teeth in Morris County where she ran for freeholder and then in Hudson County where, as Chairwoman of the Hoboken Housing Authority, she uncovered and blew the whistle on a former assemblyman who was giving out millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to campaign donors. 

            “I think that because my political activism has always been focused on government reform, Donald Trump’s election to the presidency affected me differently than it did most other Democrats,” Wefer says.  She says the election “popped her bubble.”  “It changed my whole worldview,” she said.  “Someone who terrified me being elected president made me appreciate the importance of smaller and more limited government.  It made me more conservative.”  But, her “awakening” didn’t end there.  “Once I broke out of my bubble, I realized that a lot of the stuff that was floating around in that bubble had actually distorted my understanding of reality.  Credible news outlets were running stories comparing Donald Trump to an authoritarian.  At the time it terrified me.  Now it makes me angry, because it’s such a transparent lie. I feel manipulated.”

            Wefer says she’s not wholly on board with President Trump. She cites the fact that he has not divested himself of potential conflicts of interest as an area of top concern for her, but she feels the public perception of him is being driven largely by a dishonest narrative.  “There are policy areas where I disagree with him quite strongly, such as the issue of off-shore drilling, but at the end of the day, these are policy disagreements and we should be able to discuss them and things like immigration, tax policy, and the role of government without hysteria.”  As to objections to his character?  Wefer says neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump are paragons of virtue, “but Donald Trump won because he was promising to disrupt the whole system.  If the Democrats don’t like it, the answer is to nominate better people, talk about the issues that matter to people, and stop rigging elections.” 

           Wefer says she’s found a home in the Republican Party.  “I have found the people of the Republican party to be independent-minded, welcoming, and tolerant of diverse opinions unlike in the Democratic Party, where, she says, there is little room for diverging views.  “You have to be completely onboard with the party orthodoxy you’re deemed a racist or a bigot by the party’s base.  It got to a point where I was afraid to express my views to Democrats.  It’s a very unhealthy place for a political party to be. In addition, they’re supremely corrupt.”  Wefer says the words of Ronald Reagan, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me” resonate with her deeply. 

            Dana Wefer may feel she’s found a home in the Republican Party, but will it embrace her?  Wefer’s pitch: “I can grow the GOP and draw other people out of their bubbles.  I can attract Independents and young people into the party with the message that this is where free-thinking and civil dialogue are welcome.  I can be the bridge that brings moderate people concerned about policy into our fold.  In this political climate, against a candidate like Bob Menendez, I am the Republican who can win.”